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Understanding the Meaning of Registry, Registrar and Registrant

If you are just a casual web surfer, you may have never learned the meaning of the terms “registry,” “registar” and “registrant.” However, if you are planning to set up a website, even just a simple blog, it is important that you learn the meaning of these words. Let’s take a quick look at their definitions and why these terms are so important.

This Has Nothing to Do With Wedding Presents!

When you think of a “registry,” you might think back to your wedding and how nice it was to have guests buying you items off your wedding list. However, when it comes to the Internet Registry, there is a much different meaning to this word, as it actually refers to a non-profit organization. This group supervises registration and allocation of IPs and autonomous system numbers for various regions around the world. ICANN, or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers, is an example of an Internet Registry.

The Significance of Registrars and Registrants

A registrant refers to a person or a company who applies for a domain name. If you are looking to set up a new website, you will acquire your domain from a registrar. The domain registrar can be either an organization or a business entity that handles the management of domain names.

Once you pay for your domain, the registrar will grant you permission to register this name for a certain length of time. During this period you will have permission to freely use your domain. At some point, your registration will be up for renewal. As it turns out, the maximum length you can register a domain for is 10 years .

Of course, if you don’t renew (or forget to renew), your domain name will be up for grabs! Once you have established a website that you wish to keep, be sure to check back frequently with your designated registrar to ensure that you still have time on the clock.

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